‘Tis The Season.

The more i talk to others the more i truly believe this.  For me, i see life as seasonal, as in it flows with the seasons. Take just the weather (that of course changes with the seasons) for example; when its sunny, I’m bright and happy and  busting to be  outside, but when its damp and overcast, I’m moody and withdrawn.
In the last 3weeks, major Change has begun. Not only have I decided not to go back to uni, and just work for the year, but my family has gone through major change with the loss of Poppy, and it has seen the end of a relationship. It appears it is the season. I’ve heard of a few other relationships either ending or almost ending, and everyone seems to be looking for change.
It’s Spring, the time for cleaning, new birth, growth and the brightening of the weather.
Which for some reason the other day got me pondering about the year and my relationship. And it appears that it too followed the season.
It began in summer, the jolly season, full of love and laughter and celebration – Thats pretty self explanatory.
Then Autumn, the season of preparation for winter, for shedding the colours, the beginning of cold – A season for learning, and the beginning of the come down from summer a time of shaky ground and uncertainty.
Winter, the cold season, the heavy season when everyone bunkers down till the sun comes back out – Which again kind of seems fitting, at times things felt cold and heavy, and at times things were warm and cozy, which kind of makes me wonder the meaning of that season. Do we hold on to the way things are just to keep us comforted? after all winter is already cold enough without the added pressure change brings.

For me life is seasonal. ‘Tis the season for change, new growth, birth, cleaning, life. It’s time to accept, to grow and be back on game for summer so i can love, laugh and be merry with the rest.

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There once was 3 girls from 2 towns starting with W in the Victorian country.
Not much alike or in common, accept for that one year they spent in high school.
That year many things changed for them, never to be forgotten but spoken about little.
Now they have moved to a big town beginning with G. A two story house on a busy little corner is where HoeGaarden lies. Amongst a Busy little driveway full of its own little dramas it’s noisy but theirs. The cupboard and fridge split into 3. The Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs full of nothing but junk, shoes and the vacuum cleaner. A Tiny little courtyard, with an outdoor setting they scored for free. The garage no one parks in, but they dream of filling with summer sessions. There was that time the kitchen got flooded, the day the house nearly burnt down, the winter they froze, that time they didn’t do the dishes for nearly 2months, or when they went 3 months without a washing machine and 2 weeks without hot water. Pre-drinks always ending up in the ensuite rather than the bathroom or the whole of downstairs. Eponee-Rae-Dimsim-Fuckface, and now Diggz.
That is HoeGaarden. And that’s where I live.

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The first in a long time.

And there you were. Fates Christmas Present. A smile at a Bar. A conversation I don’t remember due to endless pints of beer. A kiss in a Kitchen. The random I ran into at the races, unsure but I felt like I knew you. The fun of summer. But now its winter, and that spirit has all kind of faded, too many other things to preoccupy that carefree space. And with every move you have me baited, either mesmerised or mortified…. But you got under my wall and stole my heart without out the lock and key, and for a while I was scared but loved it and now I’m just plain terrified that I’ll never get it back.

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