And here we go Post. #1

Sooo i’ve been planning to start this committed thing for days now, but those who know me are well aware that commitment really isn’t my forte.
But Today seems fitting. Yesterday i turned 22. So here on my 1st full day of being a 22year old i’ll begin.
“By 22, Gandhi had 3 kids; Mozart, 37 symphonies; and Buddy Holly was dead.” A quote from the movie Remember Me that has absolutely scared the shit out of me since i saw it.

Just like the main character Tyler, i too have not much to show for my 22years of life… just me and who i am. I have no degree… no travel stories… no house or kids or symphonies…. by 23 i hope to make a start in the direction of at least a couple of those, preferably not the kids one though.
I had a lovely day, a quiet day with my family whom i love. and today, i’ve added red to my hair and I’m heading out to light the dance floor on fire. Today i’m starting  my 22nd (or 23rd, could never quite work that out.) with fire in my belly and a tinge to my hair.


About Atip

Lover of Life, love and Laughter.... and Beer, and Music. Spend too much of my time thinking, even though it seems like I don't.
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