The first in a long time.

And there you were. Fates Christmas Present. A smile at a Bar. A conversation I don’t remember due to endless pints of beer. A kiss in a Kitchen. The random I ran into at the races, unsure but I felt like I knew you. The fun of summer. But now its winter, and that spirit has all kind of faded, too many other things to preoccupy that carefree space. And with every move you have me baited, either mesmerised or mortified…. But you got under my wall and stole my heart without out the lock and key, and for a while I was scared but loved it and now I’m just plain terrified that I’ll never get it back.


About Atip

Lover of Life, love and Laughter.... and Beer, and Music. Spend too much of my time thinking, even though it seems like I don't.
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